Natural Dye Project for Brashnar creative project (Skopje, Macedonia) 2018


    During my artist residency at Brashnar Creative Project, I have been trying to extract colors from plants onto cotton and silk fabric by heating them. Natural dyes are fixed through the use of mordants. Mordants are metal salts and tannins. This time, I am using baking soda as my mordant and searching for different plants from the neighborhood for natural dye. I also experimented with the natural dye pigments on paper- Adding different ingredient such as lemon to change the Acidity in the pigment and thus allow it to react and turn into another color.


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The natural dyes are made out of:


-Quince Leaves + baking soda

-Onion Skin + Quince Leaves

-Lavender + baking soda

-Rose hip + baking soda

-Tomato Leaves + baking soda

-Marigold flower +baking soda

-Walnut Leaves + baking soda

-Walnut Shell + baking soda

- Filed Maple + baking soda

- Kale + baking soda


Natural Dye on cotton 

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Natural Dye Painting

-allow different natural dyes to interact with each other and change colors when interacting.

-applied lemon to alter the color to create different pattern


Walnut Dye on T-shirt

Substantive dye


Natural Dye color paintings 

-using color from natural dyes with other conventional paints (adding eggs)


Participatory Art (Open Studio)- Local  people  and artists trying to experiment with natural dye colors.


Local people in Skopje, Macedonia


Local artist 


Natural Dye textile with different textile techniques 2017

- Wool

- Wool Needle Felting

- Weaving

- Knitting