“ 服・筆 ”

Sewing character

Bifoli 2 X Hungchun Wu 吳弘鈞 Collaboration 2021

Captivation ensues in this interdisciplinary collaboration between Beverly Tu’s fashion design and Hungchun Wu’s calligraphy. Hungchun’s calligraphy frisks in the release and restrain of brush pressure, and frolics around the continuance and stoppage of stroke movement. With its varied stroke width and warped proportion, Hungchun’s innovative design of Chinese characters transcends the borders of language to convey Beverly’s philosophy of joie de vivre:

To step out with an open mind, where the world is at my feet.
To step down with a content heart, where grief dissipates in a hushed farewell.



Stylized calligraphy of Beverly’s life philosophy


Look 1: Coral oversized long sleeve shirt

In a stride forward from tradition, the whimsical calligraphy of Hungchun Wu narrates Beverly Tu’s personal philosophy in bold blocks emblazoned across the shirtfront (Look 1). His inventive calligraphy imprints a dashing candor onto the reflective heat transfer vinyl, showing off its prismatic property with every burst of flash and the artists’ free spirit. The rigidity brought about by the sharp, oversized silhouette is balanced by a patchwork of fluttering purple bow knots and black roses made from printed organza that surround the shirt’s collar. The elegance exuded by the various shades of lilac veils the fabric’s humble origin from textile waste, capturing an instance of Beverly’s active effort in upcycling.

Look 2 : Chartreuse high-waisted pants

Materiality is further elevated through the development of the jacquard fabric. In Look 2, the intricate Chinese motifs are woven into the jacquard weave, as each character secures the frayed fringes in the weft on the face of the fabric. The fabric employs the method of merging two colors in gradation. The loose threads result in tears resembling the cracks on raw jade, which liberate light rays gleaming from the facets of black rhinestones. Side pleats accentuates the waistline and elongates the figure. The existing contrasts – tight weaves, loose threads, darkness, radiance – proclaim a rebellious embrace of conflict.


Artist | Calligrapher HungChun Wu 吳弘鈞

Hungchun Wu was born in Taiwan and received his doctoral degree in fine art at National Taiwan University of Arts. He has immersed himself in the study and creation of Chinese ink paintings, calligraphy and seal carving. His ink paintings celebrate the human spirit in deference to nature. He is currently an assistant professor of art at Tainan University of Technology.

Spoiled Innocence


Bifoli 2 X Jenny Lin collaboration 2021
Childhood imagination collides with sensuous femininity in this collaboration between fashion designer Beverly Tu and illustrator Jenny Lin. The cocktail dress is a tango of diverging elements performed on the light and flowing surface of chiffon: a graceful silhouette partners with a cascade of Jenny Lin’s whimsical print design, and a fluorescent green organza ruffle plunges from the neckline to the hip, with a baby blue ruffle running from the waist towards the hemline. The asymmetrical front design with box pleat trims and the layout of pattern elongate the form and captivate the viewer.
Jenny Lin’s illustration style features the collision of color blocks, presenting a lively visual impact. As an animal lover, her work frequently showcases images of her beloved black dog. In this collaboration, she selectively subtracts shapes from a composition of her signature dog motif, and uses a limited palette of less saturated colors. When viewed from a distance, the playfulness gives way to elegance of the form.


Jenny Lin is a Taiwanese illustrator who is deeply passionate about children’s books. Her fascination with children’s books began in childhood, during which she feverishly consumed numerous illustrated books, comics, and cartoons, which eventually led to her lifelong interest in creation. Her work frequently features her beloved pet dog. She studied at Chinese Cultural University and Osaka Designers’ College.

StylePointe 2019 Fashion Show


StylePointe tells the story/inspiration behind the designer’s fashion collection. It is a collaboration of ‘Fashion and Dance’. An exploration of the relationship between Fashion and Dance. The designers showcase their existing apparel collections, working with choreographers who are inspired by the designers’ creations, and choreograph dance vignettes to present at StylePointe Fashion Show during Fall NYFW. StylePointe is a project of Creative Performances and is co-produced by Dixon Place.

The collection “ Flow” emphasizes the movement with organic curved lines and spontaneity of the creative process in the making. With the focus on knitwear textile art, the collection interpret different emotions through abstract forms, as well as the relationship between femininity, landscapes and textures. “Flow” is expressed using free-formed and whimsical designs.

Experimental Fashion Film

A collaboration with Philippine filmmaker Aaron Palabyab and Polish artist Agnieszka Rowińska

Short film featuring knitwear designs by fashion brand Bifoli2.

Find out more about the brand and the artists at:

Concept and cast: Aaron Palabyab & Agnieszka Rowińska Camera & Edit by Aaron Palabyab Visual Effects by Agnieszka  Rowińska
Fashion Design: Bifoli2 (Beverly Tu) Shot in Toffia, Italy

Conceptual Fashion Film


collaborative works between designers and artists
A collection that focuses on fabric manipulation with dark aesthetic.
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Photographer: Steve Lin Music: Wilson Wu Fashion: Beverly Tu Makeup: Z Stylist: Belle Huang Model: Savanah Elise Creative writer: Emily Tu Narrator: Jiwon Eun

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