Beverly Tu is a fashion designer and mixed media artist that focuses on fabric manipulation, textiles, beading, and textures. Most of her works emphasize the movement with organic curved lines and spontaneity of the creative process in the making. Combining various materials, technologies and found objects to create hybrid forms that address the relationship and connection between texture, pattern, abstraction, femininity, and expression. The inspiration can be drawn from the places and cultures where she visited in the past or from her previous explorations of materials.  A process of channeling the past to present, re-imagining and re-assigning the world in which she exists. 


Exhibitions / Artist Residencies

The Immigrant ArtistBiennial Auction Exhibition -Manhattan,NY Sep 2019
Featured artist

StylePointe Fashion Show - Manhattan, NY Sep 2019
6 Fashion Designers who will showcase their collection collaborating with 6 Dance Choreographers at Dixon Place during New York Fashion Week

Wild, Wild Earth - Manhattan, NY Sep 2019
Featured artist for a group exhibition at New York Live Arts

“Evasive Maneuvers” exhibition - Brooklyn, NY . June 2019
Curator and featured artist for a group exhibition at La Bedega Gallery

“Multiversant” exhibition - Manhattan, New York May-June 2019
Curator and featured artist for a group exhibition at ChaShaMa Space

Atlantic City Fashion Week - Atlantic City, New Jersey                             Feb 2019
Featured Designer

“Still Here” exhibition - Manhattan, New York Feb 2019
Group exhibition at El Barrio’s Artspace PS109

“Monologue by Bifoli2” exhibition - Flushing, New York Feb 2019
Solo exhibition featuring new mixed media artworks at The Gallery of Amerasia Bank, NY.

NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program Dec 2018- March 2019

NYFA 2018 Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program for Visual & Multidisciplinary Artists

Trestle Gallery Residency- Brooklyn, New York.                                                Jul-Dec 2018

Artist Residency at Trestle Art Space

Brashnar Creative Project Artist in Residence- Skopje, Macedonia                        Aug 2018

Artist Residency at Brashnar Creative Project.

Doing a natural dye project using plants from the neighborhood.

International Shibori Symposium- Japan                                                       June- July 2018

KIMONO INSPIRATION CHALLENGE- showing "Distortion" Yukata

02 June - 03 June
Arimatsu-Narumi Shibori Kaikan

26 June - 01 July
Takeda House

Junction Space Film and Design Fellowship- Brooklyn                                    Jan -Mar 2018

Brooklyn-based artists work with selected businesses to upgrade their

storefronts and window displays. They also create a video to promote

the businesses' products and services on social media.

Modern Expressions of Traditions exhibition- Manhattan                                     Feb 2018

Fantastic Art China 2018: China-America Young Artists Exhibition

Exhibition curated by Six Summit Gallery- Manhattan                                        Feb 2018

Group art show during Art Hearts Fashion Show.

“TRUTH” Group Exhibition- New Jersey                                                               Feb 2018

Featured artist

Salon Show of 2018- Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn                                              Jan 2018

Featured Artist

“ Grow”  Group Exhibition- Ground Floor Gallery, Brooklyn                                  Jan 2018

Featured Artist, Curator

“Distortion” Fashion + Art Pop up show-  Ground Floor Gallery                           Jan 2018

Curator and Featured Designer at Ground Floor Gallery, Brooklyn

"Temporary Approximation" Group Art Show- Trestle workshop                        Nov 2017

Curator and Featured Artist at Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn

Finalist for the Designow Runway Competition- New York                             April 2017

  Showcase my collection at the competition

IKEA Workshop with Tom Dixon                                                    Mar 2017 – Mar 2017

Participate in a 4-day workshop to design new products & soft goods for IKEA. 
Work in groups to develop concepts to expand Dixon’s new ‘Delaktig’ line for IKEA. 
Experiment with the product to customize, adapt, add on, hack or co-create in their own way.

Shape the Invisible- Collaboration with Zara                                                   Jan 2017

  Create new garment using recycled clothing from previous season


Photoshop, Illustrator, Tech Pack, Excel, Machine knitting, Web design